3 Diet Myths That Make You Fat

3 Diet Myths That Make You Fat


Are you struggling to slim down, but your efforts are in vain? Have you tried all sorts of diets? If so, you might be doing something wrong. First of all, remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary. The key to weight loss is to make lifestyle changes, such as cutting back on sugar and eating whole, natural foods. Fad diets have little or no results, and can slow down your metabolism.


Here are three diet myths that make you fat:



Contrary to popular belief, low fat diets are not effective for weight loss. Fat digestion lowers ghrelin levels, the hormone that causes hunger. Monounsaturated fats keep your heart healthy, suppress the appetite, and reduce muscle loss. They also provide your body with energy while on a low carb diet. Just make sure you eat good fats, such as those found in salmon, sardines, tuna, avocado, and olive oil.


“Diet” Foods Are Your Best Bet


Sugar free chocolate, fat free chips, diet ice cream and other similar products are packed with chemicals. Even if the label says “sugar free,” it’s not the same as “carb free.” For example, sugar free cookies can have just as many calories and carbs as regular brands. On top of that, food manufacturers use artificial flavors and trans fats for extra flavor. If you care about your health, avoid so-called “diet” products and eat whole foods. The more natural the ingredients, the better.


Eating Late in the Evening Causes Weight Gain


Most dieters avoid eating later in the day, or skip dinner altogether. This habit leads to increased hunger and sluggish metabolism. Eating at night does not make you fat. What matters is your total calorie intake. If you’re hungry before bedtime, grab a high-protein snack, a protein shake, or some cottage cheese. This way, you’ll keep your metabolism up and fuel your muscles during sleep.

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