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Secrets to Farming and growing food

Water Witching 101

  Divining rod is also known as dowsing,doodle bugging, or water witching. Asking the rod, is there any underground water or pointing a direction which has largest water source? Incredible! Visit our website for more interesting videos and articles. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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TIU: ‘Aquaponics in the Panhandle’ meeting scheduled in Crestview

TIU: ‘Aquaponics in the Panhandle’ meeting scheduled in Crestview I, the Sea Grant Marine Science extension agent for Okaloosa and Walton counties, will conduct a series of workshops on aquaponics. “Aquaponics in the Panhandle” is an ongoing program designed to provide information and training to aquaponics and … Read more on Crestview News Bulletin   Riverbend […]

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Octorara Might Build Aquaponics Greenhouse On Campus

Octorara might build aquaponics greenhouse on campus The district is considering partnering with the private Delaware-based firm Envista Farms to run an aquaponics greenhouse on campus for growing tilapia and basil. Merriam-Webster defines aquaponics as a “system of growing plants in water that has been … Read more on LancasterOnline   Pryor Ag students successful in […]

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