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Foods and their Health Benefits

Powerful Antitumor Pomegranate

This could be the maximum anti-cancer prevention. Punica granatum also known as pomegranate is loaded with important nutrients. ♦ Anti-oxidant ♦ Anti-inflammatory effects ♦ Anti-cancer ♦ Antibacterial ♦ Antifungal ♦ Lower your blood pressure ♦ Lower the risk of heart desease ♦ Can improve your memory   Here’s a video that will show you the […]

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Is Grapefruit Can Prevent Colon Cancer?

Yes, grapefruit is Citrus paradisi in Latin name. An excellent source of Vitamin C.   According to the researchers, drinking freshly squeezed grapefruit juice three times a day can protect you against colon cancer.   Did you know that eating grapefruit decreases the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes?   Grapefruit growing in the grape-like clusters from […]

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Did You Ever To Wish To Build An Aquaponics Garden For Only $75?

Building an aquaponics garden, it doesn’t require you to build big or must spend high amount of money. I think it requires your time, your dedication and most especially your passion of doing it and that’s it! Thousands of yeas ago, in ancient civilization used this method, during that time it’s all natural. No chemicals […]

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How To Manage Nutrients In Aquaponics System?

Are you ready to take down notes? Here’s another lesson: “Plant Nutrients in Aquaponics”, I’ll assure you’ll never regret learning new things. Few people understands what plant nutrients are? Why plants need certain nutrients? Beginners doesn’t know how to recognize the nutrients aren’t there or when they are deficient or doesn’t know how to get […]

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Can You Guess Popeyes’ Power Food?

Why is Popeye the Sailor Man loves to eat spinach when fighting Bluto? It’s a super food and would you believe that spinach may survive over winter? Spinacia oleracea, is the scientific name which you can actually blend with other fruits and vegetables as your super smoothie. Spinach has an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Aside […]

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