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Cheap & Simple Hydroponics 2 (Kiss 2)

Second in two part series showing Simple, cost effective hydroponic gardening systems. This second part features two Bus-boy tray systems – one DWC and one E…
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Keeping agriculture sustainable increasingly means keeping it local. Besides the environmental benefit of reducing reliance on fossil-fuel guzzling transport…

Final Hydroponics Experiment Update With Mint 04/03/2013

The mint did surprisingly well for no sun and minimal fluorescent light. After 3 weeks it had pretty substantial growth and good root growth. Next I’m going …
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A clear and concise explanation of Electrical Conductivity (EC) and pH when growing plants in hydroponics. Visit for more information.
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Small Space Aquaponics, Hydroponics

This is a beginning. I am starting with a verticle wall hydroponic system that will be converted to an aquaponic system as soon as the golden tilapia are big…
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The cottonwood sapling that I put in the hydroponic cloner has begun growing roots. This is a proof of concept showing that tree branches can be cloned.
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