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Bill Maher talks about GMO labeling on gmo free foods. What are genetically modified organisms?

In this video Bill Maher discuses talks about genetically engineered foods and why the government should have gmo labeling on safe foods and gmo free foods. What are gmo dangers and why won’t the large corporations label gmo foods? Why did president Obama say he would make gmo labeling a law but never followed through with it? Any comments or thoughts on gmo foods? Leave your comments below and let your voice be heard. Thanks for watching…it’s time for a real patriot act…This is My Patriot Act! God Bless!

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Understanding the Science of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

Recorded in Yelm, WA on September 15, 2012. Presented by the South Sound Seed Stewards and the Yelm Cooperative. About this video: Sandra’s (last name withhe…

Please Share this vid, thanks. Several New Studies on GMO’s shows just how toxic they are, Brand new GMO study shows blood cell disorder and leukemia http://…
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Genetically Modified Salmon – Coming Soon?

If the Food and Drug Administration approves AquaAdvantage salmon, it could be the first genetically modified animal product you eat. Watch more Earth Focus …
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Now, we all may have heard something about GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms, sneaking their way onto our dinner plates or into our favorite restauran…
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