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Final Hydroponics Experiment Update With Mint 04/03/2013

The mint did surprisingly well for no sun and minimal fluorescent light. After 3 weeks it had pretty substantial growth and good root growth. Next I’m going …
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A clear and concise explanation of Electrical Conductivity (EC) and pH when growing plants in hydroponics. Visit hydrodynamicsintl.com for more information.
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Greenhouse Hydroponics Update 2 June 2012

Just showing the progress of hydroponically grown vegetables in greenhouse. Progress and a few things I’ve learned.
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CANNA Coco was the first nutrient product that was suitable for use when growing on coco and it still hasn’t been equalled after all these years. CANNA Coco …
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Kitchen Nightmares Season 6 – S06E01 Update

Kitchen Nightmares Season 6 – Update SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=SuperDaveVideos MY FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/page…
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The pressure is on in a stiflingly hot kitchen and Lenny has had enough! Subscribe to Kitchen Nightmares here: http://bit.ly/OQBZXL Follow Gordon on Twitter:…
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Floating Raft Hydroponics Update Dec 2012

I’ve started a second crop of lettuce in the floating raft setup. The non-aerated side is well underway, and looking great. I’m planting more lettuce and gre…
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We’re checking in on the Kratky hydroponic lettuce. This is the setup that doesn’t use any type of aeration or water pump. Therefore, no electricity is neede…