Valentine’s Day Top 10 Aphrodisiacs

 Valentine’s Day is that time where your heart skips a beat. As we all know, an aphrodisiac increases one’s libido, fertilization and potency sexually. There’re many types of aphrodisiac all over the world.  Below are the top 10 and how they’re prepared or served.

10 BASIL that great smell has more that awesome taste. It’s an aphrodisiac surprise.


9 Caviar  it’s not just for James Bond! Those little eggs have more than a taste people like to eat. They put a spring in your step and pep in your libido.

8 Asparagus, thought by an English herbalist to stir in man’s passion for women, the French served it to grooms for wedding dinner. We now know asparagus is a great source of Potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.  Who knew that asparagus was such an amazing vegetable?

7 Vanilla just for cooking. Known for its great smell, awesome taste also known to be a great aphrodisiac

6 Watermelon which works to relax blood vessels much the same way that Viagra can. Plus they’re awesome tasty

5 Pomegranate Also known to be a strong aphrodisiac.

4 Bananas are not just for monkeys. Also known to be a strong aphrodisiac.

3 Chili vegetable, for some strange reason, works like an aphrodisiac.

2 Chocolate  not only is it tasty but it dates back at least to 1900 BC first evidence of chocolate being used is in a drink. In what is today Mexico and Guatemala. Chocolate since has become one of the number-one gifts for Valentine’s Day.

1 Oyster number one Aphrodisiac. Although there doesn’t seem to be any scientific reason that they should be.

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