What Do You Want to Know About GMO Food? Environmental Impacts

Best Food Facts gathered questions from consumers about foods grown using genetically-modified organisms. From those questions, we developed a five-part video series to address the many angles of this topic, including general information, food safety, nutrition, labeling and environmental impacts.

In this video focusing on the impacts GM crops have on the environment, a mom from California, Karri Hammerstrom, asks tough questions of environmental scientist Dr. Cecilia Chi-Ham from the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture at the University of California-Davis. (http://www.bestfoodfacts.org/food-experts/172)

We’re interested in understanding what additional questions you have for Dr. Cecilia. Feel free to submit questions below or at http://www.bestfoodfacts.org/food-experts/ask-an-expert.

Find additional information on this topic at http://www.bestfoodfacts.org/food-for-thought/GMCropsBadForEnvironment
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What Do You Want to Know About GMO Food? Environmental Impacts

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