Introducing FarmBot Genesis. Using Technology To Grow Food The Way You Want It.

Today’s technology: old-fashion way of farming versus high technology FarmBot Genesis.

Are you a conventional type of person who would use the traditional way of farming or would you try something new, like a robot?

A long time a ago, in the history of mankind, ancient people were hunters, gatherers, and fishers. The knowledge of farming these days is becoming more advanced in terms of technology but there are big issues, such as GMO.  The consumer is becoming wiser to the hazards of eating GMO foods and has started buying organic products or started growing their own food.

Introducing Farmbot Genesis. The first open-source CNC farming machine.  This farming machine uses the same method in farming growing food for you just the way you want to be it grown. It can grow a wide variety of crops in automated way.

Before you start growing your food the old fashioned way, watch this video.  You’ll be glad you did!


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