You Will Never Believe What This Guy Doing In His Backyard!


You will never believe what this guy is growing in his backyard.

I wonder if it is even legal.

He’s got corn, cilantro, chives, onions, parsley, and basil. You can also have a fish farm. I bet, this is going to be interesting to all of us. Having a farm in your backyard or even a limited space is possible and is inexpensive. How is it possible? You should watch this video courtesy of Mr. Rik Kretzinger.

Credits to Mr. Rik Kretzinger.

Here’s the thing, Mr. Kretzinger used Arduino-based backyard aquaponics. Aquaponics (fishfarming + hydroponics), sensors and the open-source microcontroller Arduino to create an automated garden that could compete with commercial farms.

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