Why You Should Get Off Your Butt?

Most of us spends to much in front of the computer. Right?

Did you know that the average person sits 8 hours per day? Other spends 8-16 hours sitting in front of the computer and you noticed that you  feel your back aches? Although back pain is a common complaint and sitting that much will take you at risk. Excessive sitting is dangerous because this will lead you to a chronic diseases such as diabetes.

You should fine yourself in a comfortable position or see the image below and I know this would help you.

By using a standing desk, your whole body will benefit.

Here are the 10 Standing Desk Benefits:

  1. It will boost your energy.
  2. The good standing working position will get you more focus.
  3. It will lift your energy.
  4. When you are full of energy it will result more tasks completed.
  5. Standing position will keep you going and going like doing a physical activity.
  6. Back pain no more.
  7. Increases your production.
  8. Gives you long life.
  9. Good posture.
  10. Just like doing things at the same time, exercise.


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